Animated PNG VS Animated Webp VS. GIF battle Royale!

SVGs are popularly used instead of JPEG, GIF and PNG images for icons, logos, cartoons and other graphics. When should you use JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG or WebP as your image file types? Not only is it crucial to know when to use which format in terms of quality it also has a huge impact on how fast your website loads. Today you’ll learn about the pros and cons of using either of the most popular web-image type formats. The main difference between WebP and PNG is that WebP is a newer image format with better compression, transparency support, and the ability to create animations. For these reasons, a WebP file may be a better choice than a PNG file for web graphics.

At the same time, only some of these browsers support the complete pack of lossless, lossy, animated, and alpha WebP images. WEBP, when it came out in 2010, was a compelling replacement for the tired and outdated JPEG and PNG formats. But now, eleven years later, WEBP lacks important features that are strongly represented and necessary in the modern image format landscape.

webp vs png

However, in the ticket example, it’s clear that the lossy WebP compression can reduce the file size of web graphics significantly without any discernible detail loss. PNG is a file format used for storing images, web graphics, and logos. PNG was created as an improved replacement for the GIF file format and has since become one of the most widely-used image formats on the web. What I was most surprised by was how close a default settings animated webp and an unoptimized gif page load times and speed index were. There might be drawings with just a small number of colors or photos with hundred of thousands of different colors.

How to convert PNG to WEBP

AVIF images offer a significant reduction in file size compared to JPEG, PNG and WebP. AVIF is currently supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, and Android. The AV1 image format is a new open-sourced and royalty-free optimized image format that supports any image codec. With generally better compression and excellent performance in low-fidelity and high appeal images , AVIF is a more versatile image format. Its compression and optimization goes even further than WebP.

There might be small icons or large high resolution images. All these characteristics might affect the results of the various compression algorithms in different ways. Therefore, we wanted to check the results of our benchmark tests accordingly to the number of colors in the images, the file size and the resolution of the images . As mentioned above, we wanted to compare FLIF with the other image formats. In order to make the comparison, we used images that were uploaded to the Cloudinary accounts of our customers. Finding a way to save images without compromising on quality while having the smallest possible file, is definitely important for the modern web and mobile world.


You may use our online free converter tool to convert them to JPEG or PNG. Now, which is better for web, JPEG or PNG is a different question altogether. You may check webp vs png out our other articles for more information on that. There are several online tools that can convert AVIF files to more traditional file formats such as JPG.

  • WebP is making headway in the image format space this year.
  • The original PNG image is 30.2 KB, versus the lossless WebP at 8.9 KB.
  • You may also ponder- When should we use JPG, PNG, and WebP?
  • JPG is a picture format that uses lossy compression to store images.
  • On Mac, you’ll use Preview to open your WebP file.
  • And if you are running WordPress with our Optimus and Cache Enabler plugins, there is no extra work involved.

To test compression performance, every image was deliberately reduced in quality and then compared to the original in terms of quality and size. The higher the relative quality at the same relative size, the better the format handles lossy compression. It’s worth noting that image degradation becomes noticeable at around MS-SSIM of 0.90 to 0.95. “No compression” is defined as converting the original image to another format without any techniques for reducing size while sacrificing quality. Images inherently lose some quality when they are converted to other formats, yet all showed an average MS-SSIM of over 0.991, meaning an almost identical image .

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As you can see in the chart below, the average file size of images converted to FLIF was 43% smaller than the original PNG files. Here, PNG offers the best quality (almost 1 up to 40% compression) when compressed. AVIF and WebP perform slightly worse than PNG, while JPEG offers the worst quality-to-size ratio for every level of lossy compression.

webp vs png

The only reason that it hasn’t completely overtaken other image formats is due to compatibility — more on that later. WebP is making headway in the image format space this year. The image format — which is developed by Google — uses both lossy and lossless compression by utilizing technology that Google purchased from On2 Technologies. Your browser may automatically download images in an unwanted WebP format.

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Each compression option besides zlib allows you to set an iteration amount which defaults to 15. However, FLIF is already useful for saving storage space in your backend instead of storing PNG files, for example when using Cloudinary for managing your images. We then converted the original PNG images to the following formats. By the way, all these formats and optimizations were already supported by Cloudinary, so converting them was a breeze. A fresh new lossless image format has recently been introduced. It is called FLIF, which is an acronym for Free Lossless Image Format.

webp vs png

But, like any new technology, it had some initial rough patches. WebP also has a hard limit on the resolution of an image. While this is an improvement over the standard AVIF limit, there is no way to improve it like AVIF can. Neither format compares to the limitations of PNG and JPEG 2000 with 2500 meg Transparent and 5000 megapixels as limits, respectively.

You’re doing yourself and your users a disservice if you send these big honking things down the wire to them. Depending on your OS again if you use the CLI version of apngopt you’ll get versions ranging from 1.1 to 1.4. We use advanced VUE and JS technology to process photo in browsers.

WEBP to PNG Converter

The JPG or JPEG image type was named based on its creators, i.e., the Joint Photographic Experts Group. This image type was initially developed to facilitate simple image-based file sharing and can compress files up to 90%. The quality of the photo declines with compression. Web designers use the term “lossy” to describe this idea. Compressed photos can appear beautiful on websites because they don’t have sharp edges. The full form of PNG is Portable Network Graphics.

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The Fastest Ways to Convert Those Annoying WebP Images.

Posted: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

WebP is an absolutely amazing image format for website designers, and it would be a mistake not to utilize WebP’s impressive quality-to-size ration on your website. It will make your site load faster and look better. We’re willing to bet that you will see a performance jump. WebP offers 26% smaller file sizes than PNG, while still providing transparency and the same quality.

The storage space required for storing JPEG files is very less. JPEG files also include lossless compressed high-quality image data. The compression process that JPEG follows is lossy. The purpose was to generate concise and superior-quality images. Decreasing the data size helps to get work done quicker. So, support for WebP has grown over time, in comparison with JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats.

Choose “to webp”

The format is perfectly safe to use, and many websites already use this format. Courses Take a deep-dive into digital fundraising. Guides & Templates Free guides, how-to’s, and templates. Webinars Attend live or watch on-demand sessions with experts.

Animated Webp

But that’s of course, still pretty far from being 100%, hence why I didn’t say “just use WebP” at the beginning of this article. WebP can be used on both graphics and photography. There are two PNG formats, PNG-8 & PNG-24, let’s break down the technical facts of both. File size JPEGs are significantly smaller than their PNG counterparts when you compare JPG and PNG of the same resolution.

You can adjust the compression rate while producing a lossy WebP in an online tool like Photoshop. One of the main drawbacks of WebP is not all browsers support it yet. Only about 80% of the existing browsers offer WebP support. You may have heard about design mistakes killing your SEO and conversion rates.

Why WebP Is The Rockstar of Image Formats for Web Designers

This may lead to you wondering- Which of these is better than the others? You may also ponder- When should we use JPG, PNG, and WebP? Our article will guide you through the differences between these formats. You will find every fundamental detail you need to know about WebP, JPG, and PNG right here. But before we begin, we’d like to introduce you to these terms, what they mean, and describe how they work.

As mentioned above this defaults to a quality of 75, compression mode of 4 and is lossless like APNG. You can download these animated images and run them yourself. You’ll see which actually loads faster without even having to read haha.

These aren’t fair comparision to APNG either since there is lossy compression. Much like you’d have in a real world scenario. I didn’t put much effort into making them all variable free. Webp at it’s default settings might in fact be smaller in file size than the APNG.

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