Conducting Board Meetings With a Board Portal

Board meetings are a major responsibility that requires careful planning, a good speed, and a keen awareness of the amount of time used by board members. To assist in this board management software tools like a board portal can assist in the preparation of agendas and other meeting materials ahead of time making them more accessible to directors in addition to increasing the number participants in discussions and allowing board members to review their decisions and guidelines in advance.

The first step is to clearly communicate the decision-making procedure to the board. Being clear about the likelihood that your board will reach consensus, vote or another method of making decisions, ensures that everyone is aware of what they are expected to do during the meeting. This helps avoid confusion when, for instance the director raises an issue that was addressed at a previous meeting.

After the resolution of old business, board will move on to new items on the agenda. As with all discussions it is essential to respect the rights of other board members to speak. Chairs should only allow one director to speak at a given time. The chair of the board must manage the discussion, facilitating the discussion and ensuring that all members of the board are involved.

The board decides on the new item of business and then records its decisions in the official meeting minutes. When a member is not satisfied with the outcome of the vote, they may ask that it be reconsidered or request that the issue be referred to a committee for further investigation.

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