Data Management is One of the Top Technology Trends to Watch in 2018

Whether you’re in marketing, sales, IT, or any other business area, you have to have access to clean, reliable data for your decisions. This is where good data management comes into playand it’s the reason it’s one of the top trends in technology to be watching in 2018.

Data management encompasses all disciplines related to treating your data as an important asset, and ensure its accuracy, reliability and accessibility. This covers everything from data management to data analytics to managing your business’s data storage lifecycle.

A successful data management strategy includes six core, or primary, attributes:

Accuracy — the information should reflect real-world objects and events, and should be verified using reliable sources.

Completeness — the information must contain all the mandatory information for a use case such as sending a message to a customer using only their last name.

Consistency — the data should remain consistent throughout every data set and remain the same despite being changed or changed.

Accessibility – data should be readily retrievable by people who require them, without the risk of compromising compliance standards.

A data management plan is only efficient only if all departments and units are on the same page. This is crucial because the consequences of inaccurate data can be expensive for your company. IBM estimated that poor handling of data costs the U.S. economy $3.1 trillion each year in lost productivity, as well as costs associated with maintaining data.

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