What is a Data Sharing Tool?

A data sharing tool is software that allows users to share the same data across different applications. This can be used to increase productivity and improve decision-making across your entire organization. It can also be used to encourage innovation and break down the silos between departments.

Data-sharing software typically offers one source of truth to data from various sources, including enterprise systems as well as IoT devices with signals as diverse as website visitor behavior or power plant sensors. Data-sharing tools let you securely, logically and precisely share real-time information with internal and external business units to lower costs and enhance customer experience.

The biggest issue in data sharing is the ever-increasing amount of data. For internal data sharing, moving datasets from one black box to another typically involves resource-intensive extract, transform and load (ETL) operations. Maintaining the quality of data and best practices for data management has been a second challenge.

The most effective data-sharing software must offer a flexible and efficient method of moving data between various locations without the necessity of ETL operations. It should also include an extensive set of metadata to aid in understanding the significance of each data set. It should also here use an encrypted and secure protocol for data transmission and permanent identifiers that allow you to easily locate and retrieve the data over time. It should also permit you to monitor the data being transmitted on a daily basis and manage permissions as needed.

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