Safe Board Meetings – Organizing Effective Online Board Meetings

When schools are getting ready for their return to in-person meetings it’s essential for districts to create security plans to ensure the safety of all attendees and the efficiency of the meeting. The worst thing you could have to have is a raged parent shouting out at school administrators or other members of the community interrupting the board’s meeting with protests. This article discusses how you can develop security plans that protect school staff, board members and students as well.

The process of organizing a board of directors meeting can be a long process. You have to collect and organize the input of the board members, select an appropriate date and time that is suitable for everyone, reserve the space, and design a meeting agenda that maximizes efficiency and productivity. With the help of digital tools, it’s never easier to hold secure and efficient online meetings.

Boardable’s online boardroom makes it easy to share documents, presentations, and records in a single click. Participants can read and make comments on these materials even without internet access and any changes will be automatically synchronized when participants return to the boardroom in digital format.

Keep your meetings focused on agenda items by clearly defining your meeting’s objective. This will ensure that your board members stay focused and avoid the temptation of pushing random topics that can eat up your meeting time. Instead of moving discussions on field trip approvals or textbook purchases to the “parking lots” section of the agenda, move them to the “parking lots” section to ensure they are away from the agenda prior to moving on to more pressing topics.

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