Secure Technologies and Data Storage

As companies become more aware of how important data is to their business and their customers, they are also concerned about securing it. This means securing sensitive data from threats such as natural disasters, hackers which can destroy storage devices, and the unintentional deletion of or damage caused by employees. It’s a complex task that requires you to balance three primary concerns: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Secure Technologies and Data Storage

Data storage security is a collection of physical, technological and administrative safeguards that guard data and systems against unauthorised access, tampering, or theft. It’s a method that encompasses hardware management, application development and security measures for networks. A complete security strategy, including clear policies and planning, is the best way to ensure efficient storage.

Depending on the sector and country where companies operate the company may be subject to regulations with implications for data storage security. PCI-DSS and Sarbanes Oxley are examples. While these regulations set out standards for security, they often leave it to the company to decide what methods and technologies they employ to protect their information.

One of the most sought-after and tested methods of securing data is encryption which renders files inaccessible without a key that is authorized. The process of cryptographic encryption can affect performance and slow down applications. Intel(r) Software Guard Extensions, such as can boost security and speed up encryption without decreasing performance. This allows organizations to have the best of both worlds: increased performance and better data security.

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